Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking Olympia by Scooter

We made our final port of call in Olympia, Greece today. Travis, Jenny, Charlie and I decided to rent some mo-peds to make the 27 kilometer trip to the site of the first Olympic games.
The helments were super cool, as you can see!

Charlie and Travis did a great job navigating and the girls enjoyed had a leisurly drive into the little town.
Being at the actual site was amazing but honestly it was hard to imagine all of the buildings and stadiums as they once were thousands of years ago.
Jenny and I ran a little foot race where the first sprinters competed for the prized laurel leaf crown.
Charlie's quote of the day,
"Man, these ruins are more ruined than I expected"
On our way back to the ship we ate gyros with taziki sause and did a little souvenier shopping. It was a funfilled day but I will say that Greece sure knows how to do the heat as fas as the weather goes. I am a sun-lover! The heat really does not bother me but holy moley...I think Greece just might be hotter than Tejas!

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