Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's a love story baby just say yes!

This morning we left Venice via Trenitalia for Verona.
Our bed and breakfast, Like Juliet, is so cute and the owners very welcoming.
Since we only have one night here, we dove right into the city.

Tonight we are going to the opera, Aida, in the Arena di Verona behind us.
All of the sets/props were waiting outside of the arena to be set up for this evening's show.
We ate an interesting lunch along the river and met a sweet pooch
named Scott
(doesn't he look like Prince Eric's dog from the Little Mermaid?)
We hurried over to Giuletta's house; as in Romeo and Juliet.
check out all the love notes people have written over the years.
We'll try and take lots of pictures tonight at the opera.
Rain might be in the cards so we're just keep our fingers crossed.


  1. I notice the extra large red heart on the love note board has these initials...

  2. Oh MY Goodness!!! That DOES look like Eric's dog!!! Hmm... I think Diesel needs a friend named Scott. Please bring him home from Italy. Thanks very much.