Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday was our last full morning in Venice.
This was the best cappachino of my life!

We took a quick day trip to Padua to visit the University of Padua where Gallielo was on falculty for 18 years and where Capernicus theorized that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe.
It's just like College Station but more ancient

We also visited and attended mass at the Basillica.
Here I am standing astride Padua, or Padova as the Italians would say, and Vatican territory.
Technically the basillica is part of the Vatican...who knew?
Check out all of the answered prayers and petitions by St. Anthony!

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  1. Seeing your smile this morning brought a smile to my face! Kristin thank you for taking my place at the basilica during mass. I'm so thankful for your presence before St. Anthony's shrine.
    I spread the word of St. Anthony's intercession, as taught to me by PaPoo, b/c he has heard so many of my prayers to find things I've lost.It is very comforting to know that St. Anthony is my companion in my time of need.
    Here' the prayer to Saint Anthony:
    ~Good St. Anthony please look around,look around something's lost and must be found.~
    Loving St. Anthony, was a special witness of God’s power and love in his day. St. Anthony is often portrayed with the Infant Jesus in his arms, in honor of an apparition of the Infant Jesus, in which He kissed St. Anthony and told him He loved him for his zealous preaching.
    Come home to us safely sweetie;
    my prayers are with you, Charlie, and the Lloyd family. I know He will protect y'all with all of His grace.

    Remember we love you,