Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Up And At 'Em

So I have been selected again for the
Houston marathon in 2011.
I'm going to try and run the full if my ankles will hold up
during the training.
Please pray for me that I'll have the discipline
to run every morning and get up for the super early Saturday
Katy Fit sessions.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I wanna join!

This looks like a fun little group I'd like to get to know.
Maybe some day Charlie and I can run away with a circus...

image from here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Far Out Man...

DEAN RUCK AND DAN HAVEL, two artists from Texas, used two side-by-side houses that were about to be demolished for the new Art League Houston and reconstructed them to create “Inversion.”
This funnel-like vortex, at the west wall adjacent to Montrose Boulevard in Houston became quite a neighborhood attraction—but sadly, the work is now torn down to make way for the new arts building.
The exterior skin of the houses was essentially peeled back and used to create the inverted spiral you see in these pics.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 years ago today...

I remember waking up and
- realizing I had actually slept really well
- thinking about going for a run but then deciding against it...
- washing my hair in ice water so it would be extra shiny....
- making cinnamon rolls for my bridesmaids and friends who had spent the night...
It was a very sweet day,
filled with lots of love and it went by too quickly.
But here we are, three years and counting!
There are lots of reasons why I love Charles Ashley Lloyd,
here are a few examples:

1. He is fun to be silly with
2. He is handsome working on our newly found "handy-ness" in our new home
3. He loves to cuddle at night and in the morning
4. He encourages me to be my best
5. He tells/shows me he love me all the time

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concerts Galor

The hubs and I have embraced our freedom to travel
and our love for good music this week.
We have journeyed to downtown Houston to downtown Dallas
and then to the Woodlands to see some of our favorite artists.
Sunday evening wrappd up with Green River Ordinance
And here the guys doing what they do best...rockin' hard!
The Swichfoot singer surprised us all by running into the crowd
and singing his heart out to us.
The lyrics of one of my favorite songs they sing say,
"This is your life, are you who you want to be?"
Such an awesome question and lends itself to the belief
we all can choose who we truly want to be.
Finally, the Goo Goo Dolls took the stage.
I think Jonny Rzeznik's "fire circlie" tattoo on his right arm is awesome.
I asked if I could have one  
but Charlie told me in his best
New York accent to "FUGETABOUTIT"!
All my high school memories of songs I use to sing
came flooding back during that concert.
Charlie thought it was funny I'm not a fan
of their biggest hit
from the movie City of Angels.
I guess I don't like the song because I associate it with the movie
which was nor so good...can you say depressing?
Are we having a good time yet?
YECK, yes!
But luckily they save Iris for last and we were able to
duck out a little early.
On our way out Charlie spied the lead singer for Green River Ordinance, Josh Jinkins...
so cool how that keeps happening!
 Charlie had to point out how much Josh had to
stoop down in my picture with him.
Fun times!!

This paint makes me hungry....

Saturday after Nate's birthday party Charlie and I headed to
Lowes to pick out some paint for our bedrooms.
Too bad I didn't get a "prettier" before picture of our room.
We had just gotten everything arranged in a way we liked
and now it looks like we're moving again.
Ah well, se la vie!
I want our bedroom to be a comforting and peaceful space
where we enjoy spending time.
The home-making blogs I read always sing the praises of
paint color
window treatments or mistreatments
and a lush bed
to help increase the likability of a room.
Because we have bigger-than-your-average-bear rooms
darker colors would work well to make the space feel more cozy.
So what color did I pick?
***Belgium Waffle***
It's funny I think yellow is a dark color...
but compared to white it does have a different pigment! 
After one Saturday evening,
one gallon of paint
we had 3 of our bedroom walls painted.
Last night Charlie finished up the wall 'o mirrors
(we're gonna have to do something about that wall too)
and started painted our crown molding, Moonlit Snow.
I think it looks FABULOUS!
At first I was thinking the molding was too white.
But after waking up to it this morning, I have decided I like it alot.
The white molding is such a stark contrast to the ceiling
so we may end up painting the ceiling as well...Lord help us.
I am so excited to finish up our little bedroom face lift.
The next step is to get 2 inch wood blinds for our window
as well as one smaller set of two for the guest bedroom
and hang 'dem curtains. 
This is funner than I thought it would be!
I'll post the finish products soon(ish)

Pump It Up!

Charlie and I had a bouncin' good time celebrating Nate's 6th birthday
at the ever popular Pump it Up bounce house.
I think it's the equivalent of Chucky Cheese when I was 6.
As you can tell everyone had fun pummelling each other with balls
and throwing little kids into inflated walls.
Charlie ordered these awesome Indiana Jone's figurines to give
Nate and they were shipped to us in a brown cardboard box.
We were a little tight on time so I wrapped each figurine individually and put them
all back in the shipping box and then wrapped the big box
When Nate unwrapped the first big box (which is just a plain 'ol brown box) he exclaimed,
"OH, I REALLY love it you guys!" in a sweet and genuine way.
He's such a ham and I love him to pieces!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Like To Do...

My mom is an amazing saver!
From saving pennies to memories; she's the best.
I think she knew about the Blue Bird circle
30 years before most other Houstonians.
She always saved mine and my sister's school work
and would "oohh" and "aaahh"
until we felt like we were the smartest girls in the world.
Here is some of the evidence that she is the world's
best saver:
(click for a larger/clearer image)

some of my homework from 1993.
Aw, yeah!
I'm so glad she kept this so I can remember
how I loved climbing trees and feel a little sorry for myself
that my goldfish were my best friends.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Concert Week

The hubs and I are kicking off a major week of "concerting".
Last night we rocked out to Thriving Ivory at Warehouse Live in Houston.
Tomorrow we're headed to the Big D (Dallas that is) to see Something Corporate
and hopefuly visit with the newly weds, Steph and John.
Finally, Sunday night we'll be back in Houston to see Green River Ordinance and The Goo Goo Dolls.
Sure we're a little sleep deprived but we are enjoying
taking off whenever it strikes our fancy.
{images from weheartit}