Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Marco

Charlie and I woke up early this morning and
took the hotel shuttle/boat over to San Marco Square.
There was a super long line to get into the church even early in the morning
 but it went by quickly and we were in the dimly lit basillica before we knew it.
"Fotos" are not allowed inside of the church but
that didn't stop Charles Lloyd
It was truly beautiful!
Later today we're going to visit the doge's palace
and hopefully have some energy left to climb the bell tower.

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  1. The Hilton Molino Stucky features panoramic terraces overlooking Venice. Located at Giudecca 810, Giudecca, Venice... this luxurious hotel offers a free boat shuttle to St. Mark's Square's Basilica di San Marco...Kristin & Charlie visited the narthex which has a beautiful marble mosaic pavement of the 11th and 12th centuries and splendid gilded mosaics...most important of all are the cycles with the legend of St. Mark. Its gold background is meant to impress, but also symbolizes the Divine and the light of God himself.
    The famous Horses of Saint Mark have endured an eventful history...including the 2011 handsome smiling picture of Charlie Lloyd as he befriends the four life-sized bronze sculptures dating from Greco-Roman times.
    Mamma & Dad received your beautiful post-card & loved seeing your sweet handwriting...thanks for thinking of us...
    We send our love and prayers everyday.