Saturday, July 9, 2011


Seeing Venice lit up at night time was even more beautiful than I imagined.
Jenny, Travis, Charlie and I ate at a little ristoranti that had a charming garden patio.
We got a bottle of wine and talked with the staff who asked the usual questions,
"Where are you fronm?"
"Do you ride a horse to work"
The moonlight reflects off the water in the canals and from our hotel window
we can see the domed churches illuminated in a special way that I have only
seen in this romantic city.
We are saving our first gondola ride for when we get back from the cruise
and since the 45 minute ride will run us about 80 euros during the day
and 120euros during the evening hours, we want to save the experience for closer to our actual departure date.
We are packing up and getting ready to find some wine to smuggle onto the ship.

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  1. put the wine under your cutiee-pie straw hat :)
    Mr. Tobis smells like a coconut!!
    love you & stay safe,