Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old City, New Memories

We started the morning out with a great breakfast where I somehow managed to squirt a mini half\half creamer all over myself at the table. imagine me covered (hair, dress, belt) in white droplets. Things got even better when Catrina and Charlie both started drying me off with their napkins. Sometime you just have to laugh to keep from crying in embarrassment.
Our first port of call today was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Never in my life had I imagined I would visit the country that I had the hardest time remembering during my 5th grade geography class.
It was beautiful. The churches, belltowers, monasteries, old battle walls...everything was picture perfect. Charlie found a top-notch walking-tour company to show us around the "old town".
We walked and walked and climbed and walked

Our guide, Sandra, was divine. She showed us all of the off the map sites and then added the personal touch of showing us where her grandparents lived when she was little.
We were all sweating bullets and scrambeling over the Dubrovnik ruins didn't exactly help us catch our breaths. To cool off at the end of the tour, Sandra showed us her favorite beach where several guys were playing basketball and in another area there was an 8 ft. diving "stone". Cue Charles Lloyd. He was hooked. I was very impressed with the energy he mustered up after our day of exploring.
The hubs and I agree that we would love to come back and visit Croatia at some point to try more local restaurants, swim in the other lagoons and explore the cobblestone alleys.
After dinner, Charlie and I went to a Lionel Ritchie tribute show where I sang my heart out to "Easy Like Sunday Morning" & "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady". After the show we took a quick trip to view all of the boarding photos.
Think "Awkward Family Photos"...some of those poor people looked like they had been put through the ringer! Embarkation day was rough for several of our fellow shipmates. Tune in tomorrow to view a few of our favorites (we're terrible we know)!


  1. Sandra should have arranged for y'all to visit a luxurious spa w/a Mediterranean atmosphere featureing a sauna as well as a gym. Did you treat yourselves to a relaxing massage? Sounds like this Old City, with its higgledy-piggledy red rooftops & cobbled streets, is on your revisit list:)
    We're happy for you and the family.
    love to all,

  2. Lionel Ritchie are you kidding me...his
    is perfect for your travels:
    Just say come on let`s be alone babe
    Just say you want to spend some time with me
    Just say anywhere we are
    It`s all about love and anything we want to be

    There`s a dream that I`m dreaming inside my head
    And I know just right where we are going
    Come on and take this ride
    Just come on inside and make this dream reality

    Let`s both just get away
    Your smile`s my holiday
    Don`t you know that you`re my sweet vacation

    Just say just put your heart in my hand
    Just say I`ll lay the whole world at your feet
    Just say we`re going on a journey
    I can`t deny what I`m feeling inside

    I see the joy I see the laughter we just don`t care
    Happiness will never leave us alone
    You know there`s such a place
    A wonderful place where love will find you and me Beautiful

    Say You, Say Me
    All Night Long

    way-to-go Fuzzy Girl!
    love you all the time :)

  3. Girl, we loved looking at all the pictures! I hope that it was just embarkation day that made them look like that and that is not just their regular face!

    Adam's mom and Brett went to Croatia a few years ago and loved it! I'm glad ya'll are having fun! Miss and love you!

  4. thinking of y'all with lots & lots of love in verrry hot Houston :)
    Mr. Tobis smells like a coconut :)