Thursday, July 21, 2011

horsie, ez nice horsie

I didn't get a chance to upload this video to our Verona post
but I do think it's worth the watch.
We knew Verona was know for certain, unique culinary delicacies...

Some of us were fans and some of us weren't


  1. You guys crack me up!! Way to be brave!

  2. What's for dinner? Are you kiddin' me!!!
    horse steaks,
    Italian horse salami,
    German horse sausage
    half a pound of cajun salted, cured pony meat!
    Pretty awesome delicacy if I say so myself....a sweet, rich, super lean, oddly soft meat. Don't forget to put some slices over a salad of arugula with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice and some caramelized onions..m-m-m-m-m:)
    thinking of you w/a smile on my face,