Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bella Notte...

We said fairwell to Florence and rode into Venice this afternoon.
The 2 hour train ride went by quickly as we made new friends from Australia.
We checked into our hotel for the night and headed straight for the Rialto Bridge.
We went to a concert featuring Vivaldi's Four Seasons composed in 1723, J. Pachelbel, and I'Inverno...
The costumes were my favorite part!
I felt like an extra on a Pride and Prejudice movie or Julia Roberts at the Opera in Pretty Woman,
(without the whole hooker thing)
Rich Old Lady: "Did you enjoy the show dear?"
Julia: "It was so good I almost peed my pants"
Rich Old Lady: "W-w-what...."
Richard Gear: "She said, 'It was better than 'Pirates of Penzance'"
 And I couldn't help get a little misty eyed when they played La Primavera
Ater the concert we took our first gondola ride.
It was wonderful!
Our gondolier's name was Maximo...
He let me try on his hat...
(please note the beautiful shirt Mama and Uncle Linda painted for me before the trip)
and you better believe I sang into the Venetian night,
"Oh this is the night, it's a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte 
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella notte"


  1. OK it's time for my a pampered cajun girl, and her debonair A&M beau, (who make a perfect pair),
    to find their way back to where the stars are bright and big deep in the heart of TEXAS!(it looks maaaarvelous darling~just maaaarvelous!)I'm so glad it was a part of your gondola ride:)
    waiting to give you XOXOXO

  2. HOW WONDERFUL! <3 I saw a Four Seasons concert in Florence, bellissima! Buona notte, principessa!