Saturday, January 1, 2011


This story is too funny not to write out and remember...
We've been on a quest to collect kindling for our fires
and since the maintenance guys at the townhouse keep our grounds
immaculate, this has been quite the challenge.
Over the Christmas holidays, Charlie gathered a big box-full 'o twigs
from my grandmother's house but a random rain storm soaked all of his hard work.
We thought the sticks had dried enough for us to use them this evening
but after a while of trying to start a fire with wet wood
Charlie turned to chemicals, WD40.
Boy did that do the trick!
That stuff is flammable.
As I make my exclamations about how well it all was working, Charlie turns and warns,
"be sure you never do this unsupervised."
He's always looking out for my safety and knows I might have given this a shot on my own.
Actually, if it were just me I probably would have used hairspray or some girlier flammable substance.

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