Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paramount Weekend

Charlie treated me to yet another wonderful classic movie at the paramount movie theater
in downtown Austin.
The 1931 showing of Frankenstein was awesome and pretty funny at times.
I shot a couple of pics with my camera phone and I got a kick out of the producer's name:
This dapper chap did a monologe at the start of the film and closed by saying,
"well, we warned you!"
Although it did make me sad how the crazy doctor treated his creation.
Thank goodness God loves us even after we go a little nuts sometimes.
I also learned the theater was built in 1913 and actors such as
Katharine Hepburn have performed on the stage.
There also is a hole in the ceiling above the stage/screen and a volunteer told me
the hole was drilled in 1916 when Harry Houdini performed one of his illusions.
How awesome is that?!

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