Thursday, January 13, 2011

Triathlon 2012

Charlie just e-mailed me about this amazing challenge!
  We are always up for visiting new places and our outdoorsy-ness usually takes the upper hand in deciding our activities.
I've always wanted to participate in a triathlon but frankly didn't have the....ehem, "kahones" to try.
A friend who is a triathlete, Ms. Leslie Rasche, once told me she couldn't imagine just running the distance of a marathon but she enjoyed the variety of a triathlon.
She's since run her first marathon and I want to pick her brain about her triseries experience.
I think it would be so fun to do with Charlie and a great way to ease into our first triathlon.
New Memories.  That's what it's all "aboot" as our Canadian friends would say.
We've never been to Canada and we've never run together...always a first for everything, eh?
I guess I'm on my way to completing my goal of running a marathon on every continent!

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