Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick 'Em Up and Put 'Em Down

It was a great day for a race and it was wonderful seeing
so many of your smiling faces on the course.
(Rene and her sweet sister Rose)
Charlie was such a champ and ran along to capture the day for me.
Y'all have seen pictures of our Katy Fit coach, Judy.
I loved her signage for the race:
"Great-grandma has gone wild!" (front)
"This is what a really cool great-grandma looks like" (back)
She kept our time and pace for the whole race and
helped me make it to mile 26.2.
At 71 years old, she is my inspiration to keep on truckin'.
My lovely parents and nephew, Nate, showed up to give their great encouragement.
They truly are my best cheerleaders!
Ms. Renee is definitely a super mom!
She ran with me at three points during the race and always showed up
at the times I needed to see her smiling face the most.
The Holy Spirit hust have had a hand in that :)
Praise God for great friends and family.
The race was a so fun and that's what it is all about.
Thanks and Gig 'Em Houston Marathon!


  1. You are such a champ! I didn't know you were running with Katy Fit! I saw so many other Katy Fit runners, too! When do you guys start training for next year... I may have caught the itch... (maybe not...yikes...maybe so).

  2. It's a 27 week program but there's also Houston Fit that trains in Memorial park. I've run with them too and love it! You meet great people and even a few stimulus packages :)

  3. that's our girl!!!
    AND we're so proud of you!!!
    play on the beautiful beaches for Mere & Buddy!!!
    May St. Christopher travel with y'all & return you safely so we can share more Happy Lamp times ♥
    (The Lennon Sisters)