Monday, January 24, 2011

People Watching at the Galleria

Charlie cracks me up with his random e-mails through the day
and makes me smile more than he probably knows.
Today he sent me this picture message of a guy he saw in the Houston Galleria.
(Charlie's office is right next to the Galleria so he goes over to the food court for lunch worries, my husband doesn't frequent the cosmetic counter alone).
The sweater reminded him a recent episode of Modern Family where the dad, Phil Dunphey, wears a girly sweater according to his wife.
(I believe Mrs. Dunphey's description was
"it looks like something a teenage girl would wear to the beach")
The episode comes together when Phil takes his daughter's boyfriend to get ice cream because they had a fight and Phil was remembering his own first break-up.
When Phil gets up from the table he leaves the girly sweater at the table.
True to what only happens in T.V. world, Phil's daughter just happens to be walking by on the street,
sees the feminine sweater and thinks her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her.
Pretty hilarious.
Thanks for the pic babe!

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