Monday, January 3, 2011

Cookie Run!

Yesterday was the longest training run before the marathon (in 4 weeks, YIKES).
It's called the Cookie Run because everyone brings out treats for our water stations.
Each station has a sponsor and at the end of the race we all voted on the best one.
All of the supporters who come out are full of amazing spirit and there's no way I could
have done the 21 miler without their support.
The lady above in the tu-tu has finished multiple marathons and has had 2 hip replacements.
The lady in green has run 16 marathons, in Alaska, Chicago and New York (to name a few).
The lady in red, Ms. Judy, is one of our coaches and is 71. 
She just started running a few years ago and she is pretty much an anomaly in Katy Fit.
The fun Candy Land group from Luke's Locker had the best set up in my opinion.
I really hope they won the best station.
The best part of the whole day was getting to run in a new place.
The weather was beautiful and I always love those moments when I feel like I'm totally outside of the city.
The views were great to take in!
I feel psyched out to run the big'un in a few weeks and have a great group of coaches
for support along the way.


  1. You are a beast! In the best way! (In the beast way? I almost submitted that... wow.) I would LOVE to come cheer you on. Let me know the date and the time and we will be there. Also, what pace are you planning on? We'd love to come run the last mile, no wait, 50 feet with you! GO GIRL!!

  2. Fuzzy, think of Dad & I being on the side lines to call out encouragement to you and offer our friendly cajun smiles which radiated, "You're doing great. Don't give up"....way-to-go darlin...we're proud of you and the way you just put one foot in front of the other until you reach the finish line. Perhaps this is simply the price you have to pay to accomplish big things.
    We love you everyday ~:)

  3. Y'all are the best! Thanks for that encouragement. The race is Sunday, January 30, 2011. And Renee, it would be amazing to see you at the finish line. Those last couple of miles can be brutal! Love you!