Monday, February 7, 2011

Watch Your Head!

After a great breakfast Charlie and I got an early start this morning in the botanical gardens.
We were completely amazed by the wild cockatus
flying over head and then we saw what looked like a small dog zooming
through the treetops.
They call them "flying foxes" and oh yes, they sure are bats.
And not the cute Baty kind from Fern Gully...
How's this for the creepiest Christmas tree you ever saw?
The crazy thing is we walked through this park yesterday
and never saw any of them right over our heads.
I'm sure they were there, we just weren't looking for 'em.
The time of day made it hard to capture a true to life picture of them
but I think Charlie did a pretty good job.
We found out they are fruit eaters and aren't even suppose to be in the gardens.
They are really considered to be pests and have just recently
moved into the area to munch the vegetation.
Ah well, we sure got a kick out of them!
Next, we took a ferry over to Watson's Bay
so we could hike the national park
(and Charlie could climb on cannons...remember, never get into a cannon unless you're a cannon ball)
Check out this awesome mohawk bird!
We also got to visit Bondi Beach!
These cute little Aussie kids were getting a surf lesson...
They are champs too because that water was COLD!
But it was gorgeous 
and so many different shades of blue.
Our handy Frisbee from Stuart and Devanee's wedding
made for great beach side fun too!
On our way back to Sydney we grabbed some of the best gelato I've ever had!
Charlie got raspberry and I got mango/strawberry mixed together...
yes my friends, it was a glorious day!

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