Sunday, February 6, 2011

Conquistador Helmets and the Opera

Once we got all of our stuff lugged up the three flights of stairs at the hotel,
Charlie and I took off to get acquainted with Sydney.
{jet lagged? who me?}
You can climb to the very top of the Sydney Harbor bridge
and get an amazing view of the city.
Apparently, it's pretty expensive to voluntarily climb hundreds and hundreds of steps
so, our plan is to wake up early tomorrow and catch the sunrise from the bridge.
And that is A-OK with us!
We've always heard the amazing theater was suppose to resemble
shark fins looming out of the harbor.
But Charlie thinks they look more like Spanish Conquistador helmets.
We got to see three of the main theaters on the tour
and I'd love to see a play there tonight.
The tickets are 65 bones each though!
Ah, well it was Wonderful just being there!
It's such a friendly city and the weather changes pretty much as
rapidly as it does in Houston.
We were sweaty and sticky in the subway
and then the wind started getting crazy/chilly in the late afternoon.
We are having a blast and can't wait to go on more adventures tomorrow!


  1. Charlie relax with the doe and take your fair lady to the opera and/or the play.

    As in the Spanish Conquestion - Take her heart young man, sweep her off her feet.

    Be a modern day Conquistador! Take the lady - drag her to the play. You'll never regret the spoils!!

  2. It looks like yall are having fun!! :) I love the picture of you and the theater... Perfect mid-jump!!

    I know that's not you w/up raised arms standing on top of the Opera house? If it is, get yourself right down and get ready to enjoy a 65 bones play ~:)
    love y'all w/ prayers for your safety.

  4. You guys look AWESOME! I think I'd get a sideways look if I were wearing a bikini in the weather we've been having (and maybe for more reasons than just the weather). ENJOY IT; we look forward to hanging out when you guys make it home!