Monday, February 21, 2011

Homeward Bound

The Lloyds soaked up the last few days in New Zealand with zest!
Not sure what that means exactly but we had fun.
We went on a short ride though the country side and I loved my pretty horse.
Check out how short the stirrups are on my saddle...
I just thankful 'ol Beau was patient with his inexperienced rider.
I actually ran out of blogg space so I had to delete
a few older posts :(
I'll post more pictures once the space opens up!

Charlie and I made hit home a little after 2 am last night and were wired
from jet lag.
We are feeling so blessed and thankful for safe travels
with only minor delays.
I was sending up prayers of thankfulness all during our drive home
last night.
When I think of all the miles we covered via
rental car,
in a foreign country,
minimal GPS availability,
with everyone staying perfectly healthy...
well I honestly think this has been the vacation for little miracles.


  1. It just looks like yall had the best time! I am so sad it's come to an end, the pics and stories have been amazing!

  2. You're the best! even after all the return miles home, you still found time to come over so your old Mamma & Dad + Kelley & her boys could pat you & hug you ~:)Thank Goodness it's back to Happy Lamp time :)
    Best prayers to Charlie on his new adventure!
    I love you both~