Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Road Trip Through NZ

Just a few quick shots and thoughts of our drive through lovely NZ
Charlie wasn't successful in catching this sheep
This pretty much sums up most of our driving time together :)
Elvis glasses are fun to try on and dance with;
even if the Kiwi's think you're a crazy American.
(thank yooouuu, thank you very much)
Sons and husbands can be helpful at high tide
I can't decide which beach is the prettiest
Stay off the roads during the monsoon season because big mud slides
can swish you down the mountain
Giant, white billy goats can make good friends...even if the Kiwi's think you're a crazy American.
Sometimes the best this to do with a sheet-metal dog
is climb in its mouth...even if the Kiwi's think you're a crazy American.
(he had a leather tongue by the way)
{Maori Tribal saying - Rotarua, NZ}
188238_DcbPSxg0_c (by Jamie Meares) 
...sheep happens...
sousetoiles: New Zealand Landscape Sunset 
sousetoiles: New Zealand Landscape Sunset

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  1. so sweet seeing your pictures & reading of the fun you're having ~ love to all...Mamma
    2/19/2011 Steps for Students 5k Run w/Dad & I participating:)for STM.