Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How are you going?

This is what people kept asking me and I finally realized
they were asking how I was.
Silly me!
So, "How are you going, everyone?"
We made it to Hobart from Sydney despite some minor drama at the airport.
A flight attendant was apparently having a rough day.
Charlie went up to her desk to get more info about one of our carry-ons being over sized.
Another passenger, trying to be helpful, told Charlie he should just move
some items from the front pouch into the main suitcase and that might help.
Well, the disgruntled Jet Star employee asked the helpful passenger lady,
"Who are you, are you traveling with him, who are you?"
to which the lady replied,
"I'm a human being talking to another human being [Charlie].
Which I am allowed to do. You can't tell me who I can and cannot speak. 
You just work the baggage check, you're not the king of the world!"
Just a little back history here, Charlie heard this same flight attendant say
about 30 minutes earlier,
 "I'm going on break; I just can't take it any more!"
And all of this is going on in the terribly cute Australian accent. 
To make a long story short after threatening to call the "federal police"
the employee simmered down and the helpful passenger
was able to board our flight...thank goodness!
It was so funny because our fellow passenger was trying to be helpful
and she didn't say anything that any of our mothers' wouldn't have said.
I even thanked her for helping us out, us being in a foreign
country and all, and we wouldn't have had the guts to really stand up to the Jet Star employee.
But all's well that end's well and we ended up making some new friends.
Their little boy loves Star Wars and proceed to to hum
every variation of the theme music, including the good guy and the bad guy parts,
 when I asked him if he knew the "Star Wars" song.
The best part was he wore a straw hat and had a "Wiggles" kid suitcase...SO CUTE!
Once we got into town Charlie honed in on "Pretzel World" so we
maneuvered our rental car via the "wrong side of the road"
(he's doing a stellar job with this by the way, even if I have my hands over my eyes most of the time)
and got a great snack!
Look at this cute school girl uniform
Charlie thinks I'm creepy but I just love seeing all
the Tazzie kids getting out of school and all their different outfits.
Some of them even wear the same wide-brim hats!
The town is really charming and
the harbour is awesome too!
The weather is cool enough that we've traded our shorts for
jeans and jackets
A nice guy from California took this pic for us.
He is half way through riding his bike around the coast of Tasmania.
He told us some neat stories and then rode off into the sunset.
When I looked down one of the pier legs at the harbor, I was delightfully surprised to see stars.
Star fish that is.
We couldn't quite capture it but the water is so clear you can see
straight down several feet and there are all kinds of star fish hanging out.
On a different note, everything is quite expensive in Australia.
Their minimum wage is about $16 if that gives you a perspective into how much their goods cost
and if that doesn't, may this will...
And that's a pretty good deal. 
It's not outside of the norm to see a $25 hamburger.
I got so excited when we went into a fruit market and saw they had grapes one sale for a few dollars.
Upon closer inspection we saw tons of little ants crawling around inside the packaging.
No wonder they were on sale. 
Later on we found the fresh grapes and guess what? $6 a kilo!
We love our little hotel
and the owner gave us a complimentary room upgrade because
the room we were originally booked in wasn't available on our last night...
and TA-DA
Four poster bissdom.
Thank you LORD!
He keeps on sending us surprises!
I can't wait to give the jacuzzi tub a whirl
{pun totally intended}
So, yes.
I think we will be quite comfortable for the next few days.
Safely tucked away from the great white sharks, box jelly fish and other scary Australian
animals my dad has been warning me about.
How about one of the Fairy Penguins here in Tasmania?
Penguins at sunset. File photo
I'd fall all over myself to see one of them!
{lurve them}

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  1. I'm with you....TA-DA accommodations, colorful schoolgirl,and a lovely starfish make for my kinda trip :)
    Mamma loves y'all...
    Trip's birthday party at Salt Grass was so special :) We'll have to "catch-up" when you get back....by-the-way: guess who's walking a 5K Steps-for-Students marathon on 2/19/11! YEP!
    here's my love for tonight :)