Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remember My Name!!

Trip and Nate came over to spend a few hours with us today.
They got such a kick out of our Fast Bellz video and wanted to try their hand
at some humorous holiday tunes.
With them being so cute'n all, we couldn't help but oblige
(we were pretty curious too)
Nate decided to opt out of the sining and just Emcee our little carol.
They are hiliarious and I had no idea Trip was making funny faces the whole time.
Charlie experimented with speeding up the singing and slowing down Nate's hilarious comments.
We're not sure why Nate-the-Great kept saying,
"Remember my name!"
but the end result is pretty knee slappin' funny


  1. The power of appreciation lets me enjoy these loving miracles in my life. . .thanks for the fun times & funny faces with commentary...
    love y'all lots & lots

  2. I almost fell off the couch watching this!! I LOVE your nephews!!