Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love this girl more than cupcakes!

She's my sister and she is turning 36 today!
She is beautiful and such an inspiration for me.
Here are 36 reasons why i love her...

1. we're 10 years apart, so she always looked after me.
2. she likes to dance in the rain as much as I do
3. She is still my best friend even though i said and did mean things growing up.
4. she was my rock during the crazy times.
5. she is a beautiful person inside out.
6. she brought me a pretty necklace for my first high school dance
7. she understands me better than anyone
8. we have silly "inside-joke-songs" that we sing
9. She let me stay in her dorm room with her at UT when I would come to visit
10. She's a great cook
11. She's an amazing mom
12. I love learning from her
13. We had midnight parties when I was in middle school and we drank sprite from champagne glasses
14. She gave me her favorite baby doll, Samantha.
15. She loves me when when I'm contrary
16. She's really, really funny
17. She danced with me during a random rain shower (in our front yard)
18. We've helped each other move in and out of our college homes
19. We see movies together no one else would see with us
20. We were each others' maid-of-honors
21. She's very wise
22. and gives good advice
23. I love her style
24. She lets me borrow her stuff
25. We rescued a goose from our neighborhood together.
26. She would bring me back to bed when I would sleep walk
27. and try to pack her suitcase
28. She is an avid reader 
29.  and gives great book suggestions
30. She was the first person to take me to La Madeline
31. She convinced my parents to let me get my ears pierced (not an easy feat)
32.  and to let me shave my legs (this was very important to me at one time) in 5th grade
33.  She enjoys "laying out" in the sunshine as much as I do
34. We usually can read each other's mind
35. She is a great actress
36. She is my sister and she is fabulous!

She's the of the biggest inspirations in my life, and one of the most important people in it.
She's the most beautiful person and I feel so fortunate we are so close!
So here's to Kelley, the best sister and friend a girl could ever ask for.
I love you Kell!

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  1. Fuzzy, your words tug on my heart strings.
    love you, Mamma