Friday, December 10, 2010

The Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia

Ssooo funny thing:
Charlie and I are driving to see the new Narnia movie at Studio Movie Grill which is always packed on opening night, especially on the weekends.
(this is the preferred theater because we have coupons...)
We're hurrying to get to Jason's Deli so we can eat and
still get to the theater with plenty-o time to get good seats. a side note...I like to set my clocks about 10 min ahead of the actual time so I
trick myself into arriving at places on time.
Charlie says it doesn't help anything if I already know the clock is fast to begin with...
BUT, I digress.
(it's pertinent to the story I promise)

We get in the car and begin driving to our destination, Charlie looks to the dash and asks me,
"how fast is this thing?"
him referencing the clock and me thinking:
he wants to know how fast the Subaru can go so we can get to the movie quicker.
 Along this train of thought, I reply,
"About 150 mph."

It was a good night.

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