Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movie Night Again

I try to hold out on this movie for as long as I can during the holidays
and althought the husband cannot stand this movie (for Diane Keaton reasons) it's one of my favorites.
For all of her character's awkwardness, I can't help but love SJP in this romantic/family comedy.
"You've got a freak flag.  You just don't fly it."
~ Luke Wilson
"I'm just as good as any of you!"
"Of course you are.  Better, probably."
"What's so great about you guys?"
"Nothing!  It's just we're all we've got!"


  1. If Charlie is ever out on a night Ryan is working, you can TOTALLY come over and watch this! Heck, we could have a sleepover if you don't mind a tiny boy being here for it!

  2. YES, please!! That would be just lovely :)

  3. I freakin love this movie! However, my dear husband does not like it either... oddly enough, for Diane Keaton reasons. :) Silly boys!

  4. Charlie here.

    I do dislike this movie, alot. Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker, proof that two wrongs don't make a right.

  5. haha, this is a great first comment for Charlie's blogging début :)