Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope you all had a restful long weekend
that felt extra-long!
We didn't take too many pictures this weekend
since most of the time we were in our PJ's.

Charlie and Jerms did take off to shoot guns
and ride 4 wheelers
This picture was right before Charlie spat
that death stick out.
Silly boy! 
We wrapped up the weekend with our wonderful friends Kati and Adam
at Papasitas restaurant in  Longview, Tx.
On our way out we saw something quite frightening...
kati: Look at that dog in that box. I don't like dogs or babies in boxes!
me: we definetly need a picture with him
We had some time to kill before Kati needed to get back for
cheer practice so we wandered over to what looked
like a fun resale shop.
Apparently they have had trouble with their
tweens shoplifting...seriously considering sending this into the Ellen Show.
Our wandering took us a little farther into a
Tuesday Morning where
Kati picked up a decorative yet descriptive tin.
She said she wanted to hang it from a chain
and wear it as a necklace...if the chain hang low
wear that shee.
We are whities fosho, 4eva!
Husband pulled a U-ie to document this hillarious
street name. 
Can you say "Red Neck"?

And who doesn't love a vintage drive-in theatre?
Cheers to a restful and fun labor day weekend!

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