Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Bugs!

Charlie and I had a rockin' weekend
filled with many random and exciting happenings.
We very "productively" found an extra long shower curtain liner
at the lovely's actually super difficult to find an '84 inch long liner.
GGGOOO HomeGoods!
The advise about hanging any type of curtain
from several of the design blogs I read is, "hang 'em high".
Apparently this helps make the room feel bigger.
Of course then you run into the issue of finding window treatments or 'misteatments' long enough.
I had a hard time convincing Charlie of the merits of having a bigger feeling bathroom
but we'll just see how it goes.
Then we purchased our faux wood 2 inch blinds from Home Depot...
and said "hasta la vista" to our worn out mini-blinds.
Our bedroom windows got a good scrub-down and boy were they
filthy!  I never knew how dirty windows could get.
But now they "shine like the top of the chrysler building" as my Mama would say.
We had several Home Depot gift cards won from our old apartment complex
and they covered most of the costs! SCORE!
However, it is yet to be seen if these blinds are a blessing or a curse.
They are quite challenging to install.
Then on one of our Home Depot runs
(we had to make several trips to have the cut a little more off
each set of blinds to size them to our massive bedroom widow...)
we stumbled across this Vintage Volkswagen expo in the Sam's parking lot.
It looked like they had been there all day long and I was so
jazzed to have stumbled upon them.
I loved the unusual licence plates and car names!
My favorite name I saw was "Buggsy"
This 'ol timer had a great story to go along with him.
It's owner said he found the car in someones garage
and it had been parked for 20 years.
Rats had gotten into the engine and they even found a few
Everything on the exterior is original
....plates, paint, hardware...
There were also about 8 vintage European stickers
on the rear window but my wimpy phone camera didn't pick 'em  up.
This was another one of our favorites....check out her wheels!
If you're wondering what the thing sticking out of the passenger window is...
it's the AC.  The window is cracked a little and the outside air is sucked through the gray thing
and recycled back into the has to wonder, why not just crack your window?
Also notice the clouds;
we didn't get to spend too much time perusing the
old cars before a mini thunderstorm hit.
But we thoroughly enjoyed the time we got to spend and the people we
were lucky to meet.
There were definitely some characters at the show;
the above car sticker says it all!

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  1. If you only do one thing this week......REMEMBER all your hard work has inspired someone ~:)

    love you lots & lots!!