Monday, September 13, 2010

"Eep" Happens

Husband and I were our way back home from C.S. last night.
I was watching the pretty sunset over Aggieland in my side mirror
when I heard what sounded like something metal hitting concrete.
The trailer we were towing had come off the hitch.
Our lovely empty trailer was swinging from one side to the other
and jerking the car along with it.
Charlie made sure I had my seatbelt on and told me to hang on.
We weren't sure what was going to happen next.
After a few long seconds of the jerking back and forth business
we were able to pull over and stop.
Another car pulled up right behind us and our guardian angel
got out of his grey Honda Pilot.
He and his daughter had seen the whole thing and had gotten into the middle
of the road with their hazard lights on so no one could try and pass us.
They offered to give us a ride to a near by Wal-Mart so we would get another hitch, etc.
There wasn't too much damage to the 'ol Jeep Commander
and considering what could have happened it was relatively nothing.
Charlie was bummed his Jeep is now an "Eep"
but that can be easily fixed.
It's amazing the safety chains did the trick in keeping
the trailer attached to the car.
Charlie's dad and sister-in-law arrived shortly there after
and helped get us on our way.
All in all we were incredibly blessed no other cars
were involved and the damage wasn't worse for our vehicle.
Our "First Responder" team was wonderful and helped sooth our frazzled nerves.
Charlie did an amazing job maintaining control of the car under what seemed like
uncontrollable circumstances.
That's not to say we weren't both shaken up and I had a glass of wine
once we arrived back home safely.
I wanted to take a quick moment to list off all blessings I am grateful for:
- 'run-away' trailer/hitch didn't hit any other cars
- trailer and car didn't roll over
- considerate and fast acting/thinking people
- we were within walking distance of a Wal-Mart
- the furniture we wanted wasn't in stock at the store in College Station
so we didn't have the extra weight of a super loaded down trailer
We were beyond lucky, we were blessed!

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  1. Yes, my Fuzzy Girl, Darlin' Girl, Baby Girl, God is in control and He has a purpose for our lives. We see and recognize His handiwork in our lives.
    Your guardian angels (seen & unseen) were surely busy shielding and protecting y'all;
    how empty your life would be without them, God's sweet messengers.
    "thank you" Charlie for your strength and clear thinking to handle the dangerous situation.
    I love y'all and am thankful for the blessing of your lives.