Thursday, September 23, 2010

Late Night Swim

Last night I was taking in the evening air while visiting on the phone. 
I made a couple of laps around the
Marlborough Square
and got the urge to go for a late night swim.  
So I hopped the fence took of my shoes and sweater and dove right in…shirt, shorts and all 
I savored the “just cool enough to enjoy” water for one of the last times
this year before the Houston-ish fall weather starts. 
{we heart it}
Then I realized I had never taken off my bathing suit top and bottom
from when I had laid out earlier that day
...I didn't really need to jump in with all my clothes on...sigh.
So I jumped back over the fence and ran on tip toes back to the house.
As I rounded the corner I near knocked down the very nice man
walking his two schnauzers.
The poor dude had this utterly petrified look on his face
and started trying to reign in his pooches who promptly started barking
their heads off at me.
I threw out a quick apology on the fly and tried to run into our
house so he couldn't see where I came from.
So embarrasin'
You just gotta laugh...

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