Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who's Excited About Her Lobster Dinner?

That's right people, lobster is on sale at H-E-B
and I got these two beauts for $7.98!!!
Of course I had to pose with my crustacean comrades
Lordy me, was I excited!!
I am happy to report they were very delicious
despite the funky green stuff at the top of the tail...if it's anything like
a crawfish, I'm really not interested in identifying that goop.

1 comment:

  1. The Green substance in the lobsters body cavity may be toxic oh my
    They call this Green stuff tomalley what a name

    You should avoid the Green stuff unless you want to end up in a serious health bliss

    Always some type of food lately what a shame
    But what can we do who's really to blame?

    Some say symptoms may only take hours to appear
    These feelings won't be pleasant it will be more fear

    You may feel tingly, nauseous and lots of aches
    This is one fish many now won't take

    The Green mush is not the most appealing part to me
    But many people actually like that part you see

    Don't worry you may still eat the White meat in the claws and the tails

    Just don't go by the Green stuff
    let it all sail