Wednesday, November 10, 2010

" Umm... I'm moving to Costa Rica. I've thought it over... so yeah."

...Then Toby Flenderson from The Office runs out the door and hops over the fence.
While we will not model our exit strategy after Toby...
Charlie and I are planning to visit Costa Rica in three weeks over the Thanksgiving Holiday.
We are living up to our excuse we give to inquisitive persons who
brazenly ask:
"why don't you have kids yet?"
(like it's any of their business anyways!)
Our reply:
"because we're enjoying our time to ourselves and want to travel."
Not that we won't enjoy our time or travel
once little ones are added to the mix but we truly are
still getting into the "married groove"...3 years later.
Here are the condos where we will be staying...
no it's not our usual Sandals which I am sad to say, scared me a little.
We won't have all our meals laid out for us at specific times and locations?
We'll have to venture out of the walls of the condominium?
Where was my spirit of adventure?
But in reality we always took excursions from the St. Lucia and Jamaica sandals.
And eating at local places could be a fun experience
(but there is a Pizza Hut not too far away from our condo)
I am going to be extra careful to not sprain an ankle or any other
body part before our trip like last year's excursion.
When Charlie and I go on trips we really like to explore
so injuries just aren't conducive to our vacation lifestyle.
Some of the activities we're looking forward to are:
Attempting to surf...hoping not to get ate by any large fishes
Forest canopy zip lining
Sea kayaking...again hoping not to get ingested
Scoping out the night it bad that I'm picturing scenes from The Birdcage?
Hiking to the top of Barva and Rincon de le Vieja Volcanoes.
Birding...maybe we'll see some blue-grey tanagers, great kiskadees and crimson-fronted parakeets.
Horseback riding...haha just haha
All of these options have the potential to turn into hilarious life stories
and we're hoping they will be the kinds that are funny when they happen and not just in our memories. 
I've never been to Central America and I can't wait to take in the sights of a new country!

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  1. This will be fabulous! I like your reason for not having kids a LOT! They are lots of fun, but I imagine Costa Rica is pretty sweet, too!!! Poo Poo to people who ask such brazen questions of cool people... but if it isn't one question about children, its the other: "already?!" "don't you know what causes that?!" ... why yes, and we are good at it, lol. Thanks for the treats, and thanks for the visit; lets do it again soon!