Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flying in the rainforest and chillin' at Hermosa

Our canopy zip line tour of the rainforest was fantastic…and a little scary.
Apparently the zip lines (how you get from tree to tree on the wire) could be up to 300 feet in the air.
I tried not to think about that part.
Notice the high tech green matresses they have set up to keep us from crashing into the trees at 60 mph.
More on that later...
  The guides had fun telling us how it was their first day on the job, etc.
 I guess people who work in possibly dangerous professions think it’s funny to freak out their clientele.
Luckily I’d heard that song and dance from the skydive instruction before and that was a significantly more frightening experience.
Remember those green mattresses?  Check out what likes to live behind them…
Our guides said their names are Lupita, Wilson and Mike.  There are over 100 species of bats in Costa Rica and 3 of them are the vampire kind.
This is a fruit loving white-nosed coati from the raccoon family. 
The staff at the zip line place leave fruit rines to lure him out and work the tourist crowds.
Sweet lookin’ but most of them have rabies L

We wrapped up the day watching the surfers and the sunset at our favorite place, The Backyard Bar.
On our way to dinner (which turned into us just getting groceries and eating at the condo since the place we wanted to go was closed on Sunday) we saw this big tortoise crossing the road.  
He must have been in a hurry because I’ve never seen a turtle move that fast!  Well relatively speaking…I was worried that he might get hit out in the road like that but he turned himself around and made his way back to the beach. 

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  1. You two did it!!! Got away from the hustle and bustle of the city to pose for a "sweet romantic couple" picture on a tropical beach. Watching that glorious sunset is one of those exhilarating moments in life that one remembers forever.
    Stay safe AND bring those little painted tooties home~:)
    love y'all all the time...Mamma