Friday, November 26, 2010

Most Excellent

We had a great first full day in C.R.
We drove to a National Park and along the way saw some of these..
and they were hungry!
They were hanging out under a bridge and went crazy over a ham sandwich someone threw over to them.
We counted 18 crocs in all!
Apparently the river where they hang out flooded until it nearly reached the bridge. 
I certainly wouldn't want these bad boys to have free access to the streets.
This large fellow was sitting quietly in the grass at the national park and we saw them running along the
side of the road.
Apparently the aren't as delicious to eat as their lime-green relatives.
And saw a butterfly farm.  If a bat ever gets into that place he will have a smorgasbord.
{i spy with my little eye...a hot sufer dude}
We took some surfing lessions....had some gelato with a new friend and saw a concert.
{if the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountains should crumble to the sea. i won't cry, i won't cry. no i won't shed a tear. just as long as you stand, stand by me} 
{my buddy, my buddy, margarita and me}
The band was great and played lots of Incubus and Pearl Jam.
It was hilarious to hear them play and then say "Muchas Gracias" after singing their set.
We are pooped out but really happy and can't wait to start another day!

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  1. Your gr-r-r-reat pictures show Costa Rica’s exciting, revealing, inspirational, and motivating experiences. I see you’re thoroughly enjoying the entire experience: the tropical beach sunset setting, the more than comfortable hotel, making new friends, the expert guides, and the "not-to-close" camaraderie of Louisianalike alligators~This adventure trip helps reinforce the whole aspect of enjoying God’s environments...
    every time you step outside + exhilarating activities = many butterfly surprises ....keep smiling…
    I love y’all!