Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Unimog

So here's the whole gang getting ready to head out on the town!
We had a:
 Chilean Miner - Charlie
Boba Fett - Trip
Astros Player - Nate
Thomas the Train - Lukie (but he was tired and wouldn't wear his costume)
Cheerleader - Your's Truly
Toby's in the background wearing his Halloween bandanna that I found for him i the park.
Don't worry I washed it in super hot water with some Oxy Clean.
We walked all over the neighborhood singing songs
and enjoying each other's company.
The last house we went to had this huge Unimog parked in their front yard
with I sign advertising rides for a small donation.
Charlie told the guy that the truck looked like "a beast"
and the kindly neighbor asked if we'd all like a ride back home.
The Unimog owner said he bought the truck from a farmer in Switzerland
on Craig's List.
Just kidding, I'm not sure about the Craig's List part but wouldn't that be great!
It was a Halloween night to remember!

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