Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Eyed Willie

Last night was such a beautiful evening so Charlie and I decided to bike over to HEB
to get a few groceries.
We strapped on our helmets, a headlight to ward off the daylight savings darkness
(it gets dark, like REALLY dark, at 6pm...what the heck!)
and took off through Terry Hershey park for the 7 mile ride.
On our way back poor Charlie was hit by low lying tree limb.
Let's just say once the shock wore off you would not have wanted to be in that limb's place.
Charlie ripped that sucker down so no one else would get speared.
Pretty scary to say the least.
And when you see how close the deep gash came from hitting his actual eye...
I was sending up thankful praises all the way home.
Once I made him a good dinner and pampered him a little
he was back to his 'ol joking self.
Unfortunately, it seems we'll need to invest in protective eye wear
if we're going to continue our twilight outings...lame-o.
But it was an easy lesson to learn, all things considering, and we are very thankful Charlie isn't a cyclops.

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