Monday, October 4, 2010


Husband and I kicked off our super busy weekend with our first (and probably last)
baseball game of the year.
My mom got tickets through her school so my sister and her family
got to join in on all the Minute Made Park glory.
Lukie was showing me how he blinks his eyes...he's my favorite 3 year old!
We had a great view of the whole stadium since we were
sitting right under the big screen.
We took a bunch of family pics and this was the best one
Uncle Charlie tucked the State Farm teddy bear into
Lukies shirt...that lasted all of about 3 seconds.
We had a blast with our sweet family even though
the Astros didn't pull out the win.
Charlie remembered the Friday fireworks show they
always have after the Friday games.
The show was about 15 minutes long and a perfect
end to a great night!

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