Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have a secret shame...

And yes, I'm going to blog about it.
I am obsessed with this micro giraffe from the direct TV commercial.
He is the cutest and I would love to own one.
And possibly take him on walks in the park on a little rope made of diamonds.
Why diamonds?
Because if I could afford the only micro giraffe in the world then I can certainly afford a diamond leash.
Then husband sent me an e-mail the the smallest man in the world...
My response..."Aawww, I want one!"
The husband asked if I would prefer the micro giraffe or the mini-man.
To which I said "BOTH".
I could start a collection of tiny things!
On that note...
Happy Wednesday

1 comment:

  1. There once was a sweetie named Kristin,
    Whose funny wishes are written (w/in this blog) .
    She was asked why,
    And she said with a sigh,
    "They make me feel happy within!."
    love you lots & lots,