Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Note to self: When a strange man in cover-alls and a hard hat comes walking into your room,
waking you not panic.
It's just probably Halloween and your husband is dressed as a Chilean miner.
Mr. Toby and I had a rude awakening experience this morning.
Charlie in full miner garb burst into the bedroom with his hard-hat LED light blazing.
First of all, I was blinded by the florescent light and
couldn't really tell the man before me was my one and only.
Second of all, Toby was completely freaked out and of course started barking
because he didn't recognize Charlie either.
Thirdly, It's a darn good thing I got up at 5 to let Toby outside and took a trip to the potty myself
because I surly would have messed myself.
But he did look very handsome/scary with dirt smeared all over his face
and his rock climbing harness.

1 comment:

  1. There was a boy named Charlie
    Who for Halloween
    Was a n y t h I n g but clean!
    As a Chilean miner,
    He wins favorite costume designer
    Having mud on his handsome face
    You’d think it was a disgrace
    But no!
    Kristin said, “You’re always welcome in our nesting place.”

    love you!