Friday, October 22, 2010

Toby's Throne

I have had the joy of spending the past couple of days with my fur baby,
Mr. Tobis.
In honor of his visit I moved the ottoman from our chair
over in front of the window so he can look out into the courtyard while I work at my desk.
He likes to perch and sniff indignantly at all the little
critters that fly and scamper around, taunting him from outside.
His personality is hilarious and he's pretty smart if i do say so myself.
He knows now if I have my running shoes on we're going out for the long haul
and usually he won't "step paw" out of the door when I don that foot gear.
It got to the point where I'd have to put on flip flop to take him on a short walk.
That maltipoo is somethin' else!

1 comment:

  1. Each day and everyday Mr. Tobis deposits puppy dog memories in our hearts ~:)
    love you lots & lots,