Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pump It Up!

Charlie and I had a bouncin' good time celebrating Nate's 6th birthday
at the ever popular Pump it Up bounce house.
I think it's the equivalent of Chucky Cheese when I was 6.
As you can tell everyone had fun pummelling each other with balls
and throwing little kids into inflated walls.
Charlie ordered these awesome Indiana Jone's figurines to give
Nate and they were shipped to us in a brown cardboard box.
We were a little tight on time so I wrapped each figurine individually and put them
all back in the shipping box and then wrapped the big box
When Nate unwrapped the first big box (which is just a plain 'ol brown box) he exclaimed,
"OH, I REALLY love it you guys!" in a sweet and genuine way.
He's such a ham and I love him to pieces!

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