Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Concerts Galor

The hubs and I have embraced our freedom to travel
and our love for good music this week.
We have journeyed to downtown Houston to downtown Dallas
and then to the Woodlands to see some of our favorite artists.
Sunday evening wrappd up with Green River Ordinance
And here the guys doing what they do best...rockin' hard!
The Swichfoot singer surprised us all by running into the crowd
and singing his heart out to us.
The lyrics of one of my favorite songs they sing say,
"This is your life, are you who you want to be?"
Such an awesome question and lends itself to the belief
we all can choose who we truly want to be.
Finally, the Goo Goo Dolls took the stage.
I think Jonny Rzeznik's "fire circlie" tattoo on his right arm is awesome.
I asked if I could have one  
but Charlie told me in his best
New York accent to "FUGETABOUTIT"!
All my high school memories of songs I use to sing
came flooding back during that concert.
Charlie thought it was funny I'm not a fan
of their biggest hit
from the movie City of Angels.
I guess I don't like the song because I associate it with the movie
which was nor so good...can you say depressing?
Are we having a good time yet?
YECK, yes!
But luckily they save Iris for last and we were able to
duck out a little early.
On our way out Charlie spied the lead singer for Green River Ordinance, Josh Jinkins...
so cool how that keeps happening!
 Charlie had to point out how much Josh had to
stoop down in my picture with him.
Fun times!!

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