Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This paint makes me hungry....

Saturday after Nate's birthday party Charlie and I headed to
Lowes to pick out some paint for our bedrooms.
Too bad I didn't get a "prettier" before picture of our room.
We had just gotten everything arranged in a way we liked
and now it looks like we're moving again.
Ah well, se la vie!
I want our bedroom to be a comforting and peaceful space
where we enjoy spending time.
The home-making blogs I read always sing the praises of
paint color
window treatments or mistreatments
and a lush bed
to help increase the likability of a room.
Because we have bigger-than-your-average-bear rooms
darker colors would work well to make the space feel more cozy.
So what color did I pick?
***Belgium Waffle***
It's funny I think yellow is a dark color...
but compared to white it does have a different pigment! 
After one Saturday evening,
one gallon of paint
we had 3 of our bedroom walls painted.
Last night Charlie finished up the wall 'o mirrors
(we're gonna have to do something about that wall too)
and started painted our crown molding, Moonlit Snow.
I think it looks FABULOUS!
At first I was thinking the molding was too white.
But after waking up to it this morning, I have decided I like it alot.
The white molding is such a stark contrast to the ceiling
so we may end up painting the ceiling as well...Lord help us.
I am so excited to finish up our little bedroom face lift.
The next step is to get 2 inch wood blinds for our window
as well as one smaller set of two for the guest bedroom
and hang 'dem curtains. 
This is funner than I thought it would be!
I'll post the finish products soon(ish)

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