Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a nose in need deserves Puffs indeed

today at work I had my first crying outburst in my pregnancy.
I woke up every two hours last night
{i know, i know, good baby practice}
due to a cold/cough/runny nose and poor Charlie didn't get much sleep either.
I had left my favorite "sickie" treat at work the day glorious Puffs plus lotion Kleenex.
I do not buy these fancy tissues on a regular basis so they will be extra special
when I am feeling extra crummy.
Anywho, I had a -near-empty box sitting on my desk for most of the morning.
I had to run an errand in another part of the hotel and when I got back to my desk
my precious box of Puffs were GONE.
You can imagine my distress in thinking one of my colleagues made-off with my precious box of tissues.
I have to be honest, I felt slightly like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings looking for his
I was looking all over the office, asking my co-workers if they had seen my Puffs.
Finally, I gave up and succumbed to my tears.
Then, what do I see when I wandered dejectedly into our copy room?
My Puffs, sitting right on top of the trash can.
Someone probably thought the box was empty on my desk and threw it away.
Oh my goodness!
I was like the woman in the Bible who found her lost coin after searching all over her house!
Of course I felt pretty silly for breaking out the waterworks but sometimes you just gotta cry...
ya 'mean?

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