Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another day in LA

Charlie has learned how important it is to not let this pregnant woman get too hungry...
it's not a pretty or pleasant sight.
Luckily, it seems like there's fun places to eat around every corner.
For lunch we sampled Pancho's mexican food.
it was such a cool place and very scrumptious!
Charlie imitating the Pancho's face
the decor was fun too!
{26 weeks and 1 day}
After lunch we headed over to Hermosa beach.
Our next stop along the way was Torrance, CA. Home of Louis Zamperini, the Torrance Tornado.
Louie is the subject of the NYTimes bestseller Unbroken, a book about his life as a collegiate track star at U.S.C. an Olympian competing in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and a WWII POW (Japan 2+ years). While in Louie's home town we visited his childhood home, the elementary school he went attended, and the track and football stadium which bears his name.
For Charlie, visiting this house was like when I got to tour Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam.
It's moving to actually stand at the starting point of your personal hero's journey.

Another nice surprise was scoring a pair of Clippers tickets!
The Clip's played the Washington Wizards at LA's Staples Center
...I have never seen so many slam dunks in one game.
The seats were awesome
{thanks eBay}
and the Clippers won!
It was a great first basketball game for bebe Lloyd!


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  2. we have been reading lots of books and playing good music for him along the way! love you lots