Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Non sibi sed patriae"

so Crepes seem to be a trend with us
and while Charlie sticks to our usual favorites (nutella and strawberries)
I tried my first breakfast crepe...hands down, awesome!
i was full until 3 o'clock
The main excursion was to the USS Midway 
since my dad was in the Navy I was particularly excited about this part of our trip.
there's so much that goes on inside these huge ships and every sailor has his duties.
it also seems like everything is jumbo-sized!
here is Charlie's size 13 foot next to one of the links attached to a 40,000 lbs. anchor.
Charlie said it best,
"there's not much that make my feet look small"
Charlie trying his hand at few knots
scoping out some of the jr.officer's bunks.
a demonstration of prisoner deterioration in the ship's brig
and finally we made it to the flight deck.
a former Navy sailor gave a quick talk on the basic checks
a pilot and a plan have to go through before a safe take off can occur.
All of the details are dizzying and even more so when you consider planes have to be take off under
all kinds of inclement weather and sea conditions.
Our hats go off to all the Navy guys out there!
I love the Navy's motto
"Non sibi sed patriae"
"Honor, Courage, Commitment"
It was an awesome day!

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