Friday, February 17, 2012

...and the adventure continues

we spent a few hours this morning saying good-bye to
LA and visited the Disney Concert Theater
grabbed some Crepes for breakfast
and made our way to the filming site for
The Office (Scranton Business Park)
We were thrilled to see Dwight's Trans-Am parked right in front of the building

{Charlie scaled a telephone pole to get this shot...let me add, no tetanus shots were given that day}
Soon we were on the road and ready to make the 2 hour trek to our prized destination...
Joshua Tree!
Along the way we saw the classic California burger joint
and voila!
Charlie has done such an amazing job planning all of our activities
and never leaves any of the details to chance.
Earlier this morning he called the Joshua Tree information center to find out about the weather
tourist flow, etc.
We found out the park had gotten 6 inches of snow last night and all of the hiking trails were closed.
However, all of the main driving roads were open and safe to drive on.
He called back twice and spoke to two different guys at the park who confirmed this.
Although the trails being closed was a bummer we were OK because for some reason
my left foot has been hurting like crazy and I would pretty much be
dead weight on the trail.
Driving around the park was a perfect alternative
LA to Joshua Tree is a 3 hour drive. When we were 40 minutes from the park we called to get details on what to do upon arrival.
The woman who answered apologized and said that none of the roads were open due to the snow.
When Charlie let her know about his earlier conversations, she apologized but said the snow
had not melted enough over the course of the day.
{"Man, I bought binoculars for Joshua Tree
...I'm glad I didn't buy the $120 pair"
~ Charlie}
At this point, with great disappointment, we turned Southwest to begin the 2.5 hours drive to San Diego. 

After turning around we spotted this hilarious salon.
{"WHOOP, Hair it is!" ~ Charlie}
It rivals 'Curl up and Dye' salon in DeBerry/Elysian Fields, Tx.
and 'Braids n' Fades' in Houston, TX
I would like to take a moment and commend my husband on his amazing reaction
to this disappointing Joshua Tree news.
He was definitely let down but stayed positive and studied our map to find a scenic
route to San Diego so we could at least experience some mountainous vistas
and catch a glimpse the Salton Sea. 
Highway 74 over the Santa Rosa Mountains
Salton Sea in the distance.
Life above the snow line
I wish I could have his wonderful attitude of gratitute but more times than not
I usually have to pout for a little while before I get over disappointing news.
But we made lemonade out of lemons and enjoyed the rest of the drive into San Diego.
And the Omni hooked it up with a corner suite...
chocolate covered strawberries... 
and amazing views of the bay... 
we took a quick dip in their beautiful heated pool
{me and that boom-bang-thang of a belly}
and then called it a night!
We're pooped!!


  1. The Joshua tree forests tell a story of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance. . . .and so Joshua is his name ~:)
    As Moses' apprentice, Joshua was a major figure in the events of the Exodus. He accompanied Moses part of the way when he ascended Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. (Exodus 32:17) He was one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to explore and report on the land of Canaan (Numbers 13:16-17), and only he and Caleb gave an encouraging report, a reward for which would be that only these two of the spies would enter the promised land (Numbers 14:23-24).
    According to Joshua 1:1-9, God appointed Joshua to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites.
    love reading about your adventures, seeing your awesome pictures, and waiting for y'all to come you lots, Mere X 4

  2. thanks for the history mama! we wish that we could have seen the place for ourselves. i guess we'll just have to come back :)

  3. Yay EF made the blog! We're good for something... :) You look so darn adorable, looks like you guys had fun in Cali! Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. YES! Ya'll are good for lots and we thought of you so much during the trip :)