Wednesday, January 18, 2012

parenting...and it starts

so i realized, i've been doing ALOT of doctor planning, gift registering, baby blog searching and my heart is excited but still is seeking more.  more prayer.  more quiet times.  more intentional preparation for what is just around the corner.  i went to one of my favorite websites and sumbled upon this article on parenting and here is a little blurb:

"All I can offer you new moms, who are just beginning this journey of motherhood, is what I tried with all my heart to do over the past 23 years:

Faithfully build character into your children every chance you get. Even if you are not the perfect mom in every way, you can be faithful in that. Here are just a few ways to build and model character while raising those children:
  • Nurture a healthy love and fear of the Lord into their hearts.
  • Teach them the character qualities of God so they will understand ALL of who He is.
  • Be there for them … praise them, hug them goodnight, kiss them goodbye.
  • Look directly in their eyes when they speak to you. Listen to them.
  • Be humble about your own imperfection, but firmly instill how much you love them.
  • Take care of them in ways that are important, let go of the guilt or pressure to be super parents.
  • Let them fail and take responsibility for it. Love them through it.
  • Teach them to think and reason and make good choices…and model that for them.
  • Let your children see that your marriage and family are a priority.
  • Teach them to show respect, love and concern for others.
  • Model what it means to love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Give them opportunities to practice selfless and sacrificial love for others.
  • Let them shine in how God created them and cheer them on.
  • Challenge them to be who God created them to be even when it is hard work to get there.
  • Inspire them for what is possible with God!
  • Pray for them.
  • Pray with them.
  • Remember Who they belong to.
  • When they question your wisdom, remind them Who they need to please, above all others.
  • Remind them often that being their mom is one of the highest God-given privileges and honors of your life.
Hang in there moms. I pray you will see the rewards of your labor and the joy of watching your kids grow up to be Godly young men and women of character someday!"

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