Saturday, January 21, 2012

14 weeks

(just getting around to posting this)
finally getting a little more of the baby bump.
luckily all of my clothes still fit and i've only gained about 3 pounds
but belly is still in that awkward,
 "is she pregnant?" stage
i've got my appetite back but i'm more of a grazer now-a-days.
small meals and snacks all throughout the day are working much better than 3 big meals.
my favorite snacks are:
jolly ranchers
baby carrots
honey bunches of oats cereal
pepper-corn beef jerky
fruit salad
no crazy combinations but definitely a random assortment.

Pregnancy Notes:
-I've been feeling all along that it is a boy.  {this proved to be true :)}
-I really haven't been sick at all and now that we're well into the third month I'm hoping that
-I've been randomly feeling the baby move mainly early in the mornings or if I'm taking a nap
-The heartbeat at our last appointment was 168.  Any guesses on what you think it is? 

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