Monday, September 12, 2011

on the road again...

charlie and i left Houston late thursday evening and drove to Louisiana.
my grandmother, momie, hasn't been doing well for the past week
and we took time off to spend with her
since we spent most of the time in the hospital i do not have any pictures from
cajun town.
momie's spirits are up and she is looking forward to having her hair fixed.
She even told us we were turning her into a "pretzel" because she couldn't have any water
due to the stroke making it difficult for her to swallow on her own. 
momie will probably be moved into physical therapy at the end of the week
and will hopefully be on the way to recovery.
after our visit in Louisiana we made a wonderful pit stop in Elysian Fields
to see the wonderful woodleys.
katilyn and adam are super luck to have baby deer come and visit their back yard!
{kati named the deers, tabitha, clovis and cute is she?}
we spent some porch time...
and saw the best stick bug we've ever seen!
{charlie said he was such a good stick bug that he almost walked right past him}
the lloyds and woodleys met up with Jeremy in Longview, for a Tex-opean lunch
i.e. it lasted two hours and it went by in a flash.
Even with all of that time we forgot to take a pic...sad day!
After lunch, we high-tailed it to Dallas for a Michael and Anica's wedding.
Steph and John were also amongst the invited...
{can you tell i just finished jane eyer :)}
we loved the grounds of house where the ceremony and reception took place
take oneandtake two
the wedding was beautiful and very romantic
charlie was able to meet his cousin for a ranger's game on sunday
while steph showed me all of her favorite places around the Fort Worth area.
{funny street in "dirty d"}
it was a whirlwind weekend to be sure
but the time spend with family and friends made all of the driving worth while!

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