Monday, September 5, 2011

1,000 mile weekend

west texas sunsets sure are purdy...
this is the view outside of Charlie's grandparent's lake house in Del Rio.
Charlie and took a little evening stroll after our long day out on lake amistad.
The next morning, we got up bright and early, had some peach pie for breakfast and then
made our heading for college station.
everyone reading this knows our lone star state is quite large and diverse.
we encountered several interesting situations on our said road trip.
the first of which would be border patrol.
charlie decided to pull over onto the side of the road and grab our camera
from the trunk so we could take a quick pic of the patrol officers...
my concerns of our pull over raising eyebrows was well founded
and while they didn't take us out of the car and frisk us, we encountered some thorough questioning.
moving right along after our stint with the junction brothers
we see this large object lying in the middle of the highway...
road kill perhaps?
oh, no.
just a lil 'ol bag of Keystone cans and empty amo shells. know you're in the hill country when...
but non the less, the drive was just as beautiful as we remembered it to be
as we were moving along our merry way, we notice what looked like huge
thunder storm clouds looming ahead of us.
come to find out, those aren't storm clouds,
or the makings of a tornado; which also crossed my mind
{what are we driving into}
it was a huge wildfire
started when a dead tree fell on to power lines
the fire  made several jumps and soon the whole area was
covered in gray smoke.
definitely not something you see everyday.
after several detours, highways closures and reroutes we were able
to make it to aggieland by the second quarter.
the aggies made it all worth while when they pulled out the win against SMU.
border patrols
7 hours of non-stop driving
a wild texas brush fire
and a successful football game
i'll say we've had an eventful labor day weekend


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  2. that is so crazy! your blog definitely gives your road trip some serious cred! (if it didn't already has some from the start)