Sunday, September 18, 2011

chef charlie

friday night charlie decided to try his hand at making my
favorite soup from scratch...
spicy, chicken tortilla!
one of the ingredients he forgot to get at HEB was 
chicken broth. 
After digging around the kitchen we found several
boxes of beef broth but couldn't find any chicken broth.
{"why are we so beefy?" ~charles}
finally we found three cans of chicken broth.
1 was expired and 2 were good to go! 
after an hour and a half of hard labor
we enjoyed big 'ol heaping bowl of steamy
chicken tortilla soup. 
charlie's opinion of the whole experience was that
paying the premium at a restaurant is well worth it.
The soup was very delicious but the prep time can take a while.
Being the lucky wife that I am, I was able to taste test all along the way
and then took 'dish-washing' duty after the meal.
As the rule goes,
"the one who cooks, the other does the dishes"

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